Treescape and Planting Design

Treescape & planting design

We provide a complete treescape and planting design service, selecting the perfect trees and plants for our clients. Our design team also work closely with private and commercial clients to provide guidance and support in relation to all tree and landscape considerations required for Planning Applications.

Our team of landscape and garden designers have a real passion for designing with trees and topiary. When selecting and specifying trees for projects they draw on their vast knowledge and experience to ensure every tree selected will not only look aesthetically pleasing but will thrive in its new environment. The planting of mature and semi-mature trees in a project can be very impactful and bring instant maturity to the landscape and its surroundings.

Designing topiary into a scheme is very exciting as each piece of topiary can take on its own character and personality. It also creates great opportunities for bringing form to a design, for the framing of views, for punctuation and rhythm and can sometimes just bring an element of fun.

Hedge planting forms a very large part of our work. We use hedges to define boundaries, bring bold structural lines to the design, compartmentalise spaces right through to large-scale screening of unwanted views.

Our regular visits to both UK and European nurseries throughout the seasons ensure we keep up to date with the vast range of plant availability to include in our designs.

Tree & Planting Design Plan