Specialist Planting

Tree, topiary & hedge planting

Our planting team are specialists in the handling and installation of mature and semi-mature trees, feature topiary, instant hedges and boundary screening.

From the knowledge and experience gained over many years working in the industry our team have become expert in the careful handling of large specimen trees and plants. Our knowledge of tree planting is paramount when it comes to the planting of all of our new trees. Our team will take into consideration each individual tree’s requirements, from soil type, any related drainage issues, right through to the best method of anchoring or supporting the tree in its new location.

Our team are experienced in the installation of fully automated watering systems should this be required. This allows for the control and regulation of the amount of water required at different times of the year aiding plants and trees in their establishment and future growth.

We take pride in ensuring that every tree and plant is planted to the highest possible standard. This attention to detail ensures that all of our trees and plants get the very best start possible in their new environment.

Specialist Planting

Aftercare & maintenance

The importance of aftercare and maintenance is key as the planting stage is just the start of a tree or plant’s journey in its new home.

As part of our service we offer a full maintenance programme which includes regular checks to ensure all of our trees and plants are getting the care and attention they need to aid in their establishment. Our professional team will provide all the necessary information and advice you will need for your new trees and plants. This will include watering regimes, any future pruning requirements and all other aftercare your trees and plants may require in future years.